Civic Merry-Go-Round

Civic Merry-go-round
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The merry-go round is of heritage significance for its aesthetic and social values as demonstrated by its special place in the recreational activities in the City, and its important role in the development of the centre of Canberra. The Merry-go-round, one of the earliest merry-go-rounds built in Australia, commencing operation at the St Kilda Amusement Park in Melbourne in 1915. It was purchased for the people of Canberra by then Minister for the ACT, Mr K Enderby, at a public auction in 1973, in part, because: its appearance, age, and historical association would... provide some of the elements of gaiety variety and nostalgia needed in the planned but nevertheless sterile atmosphere of the city. - Assistant Secretary, City Services 26 September 1973.

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Civic Merry Go Round and Organ
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