Glebe Park

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Glebe Park is of heritage significance as a landscape setting with remnant historic trees, linking modern Canberra to its original settlement by pastoralists in the early part of the nineteenth century. Glebe Park is a reminder of the beginning of a social and religious community in the Canberra district arising from the establishment of a Church, schoolhouse and glebe – all still present today as St John’s Church, Reid, the Canberra Schoolhouse Museum and Glebe Park. A glebe was land belonging to the church that could be cultivated to support the local rector. The Park is also of significance for its strong association with the Reverend Pierce Galliard Smith, rector of St John the Baptist Church and parish who lived in the Rectory (Glebe House) from 1874 until 1906. Reverend Smith was responsible for the original glebe plantings.

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Glebe Park
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